CMT Insider: Jason Aldean Celebrates Latest No. 1 Single

Written by Danny Myrick and Bridgette Tatum, "She's Country" Is Her First Song to Top the Chart

Earlier this week, Jason Aldean and songwriters Danny Myrick and Bridgette Tatum were honored by BMI during a No. 1 party celebrating the success of “She’s Country,” their No. 1 single.

Aldean and Myrick have seen their work top the charts before, but this marked the first No. 1 written by Tatum. During Tuesday’s (May 12) party at the performing rights organization’s offices on Music Row in Nashville, CMT Insider talked to Aldean and Tatum about the success of “She’s Country.”

Jason Aldean: It’s all about bragging rights. That’s it. You just want to say you’ve had a No. 1. This song has been crazy every time we’ve played it. I mean, it was really like that from the first time we played it. We performed it on the CMA Awards back in November, and then the next night, we had a show right down the street in Murfreesboro, Tenn. And when we played the song that next night, the reaction we got was pretty intense. We felt like we had something pretty special, but you never know. … Until the fans start hearing it and responding to it, you never really know.

But, for me, it was something fun to play on the stage, and people seem to like it. Now that it’s a hit, it’s pure insanity, and I love it. … One of the writers — Bridgette Tatum — I think it’s her first No. 1, so its cool to be able to celebrate with someone like that.

Bridgette Tatum: I think the first thing that I had to learn was that I don’t really own it. I don’t really own these songs. They’re like little babies that have to grow up, so the more you write, the more you learn. You just don’t know whose ear is gonna turn for whatever you write.