CMT Insider: Reba McEntire Talks About “Strange” Video

The Song Is the First Single From Her Upcoming Album

Reba McEntire made a major splash last month at the Academy of Country Music Awards by hosting the show and introducing “Strange,” her latest single and her first release for the Valory Music Co. During the shoot for the music video, CMT Insider’s Allison DeMarcus talked to the superstar about the song and the production.

CMT Insider: This is your first video in quite a while.

McEntire: Yeah, a year and a-half I think. No, it was probably last summer when we did “Every Other Weekend.” But, my gosh, it seems like forever.

This is such a fun song. What drew you to it?

It’s feisty. It reminds me a lot of “Can’t Even Get the Blues,” my first No. 1 record in 1982, because it’s about a woman breaking up with her love of her life — she thought — and finds out that she really didn’t care for him. She can’t even shed a tear for him.

Has anyone ever broken Reba McEntire’s heart? That would take a lot of guts.

Oh, yeah, when I was in high school. Broke my heart really bad.

Tell us a little bit about the video and the feel that you were going for with this song.

[Video director] Trey Fanjoy wanted to have fun. … This is the first time that I’ve played with my band in a video. Since 1984, I’ve been doing videos, and this is the first time I’ve gotten to work with my band. And it’s a real feisty — kind of tongue-in-cheek, wink-wink — type of video, and we’re just pretty much playing out the song. I get to go look at the black dresses that I’m going wear. … It’s the dress that I pick out to go pick up the rest of my things — and for him just to die because I do look so good.

Is is it tough to work in front of a green screen [with background video images electronically superimposed later] rather than playing with different surroundings and all of these fun props?

No, I think it’s easier. I think it’s easier because you’re pretty much standing still, and then they do all the work later.

Something really exciting I read about is that you and George Strait are going to be at the new Dallas Cowboys’ stadium.

Yes, we are. Blake Shelton is going to be with us, also, and Julianne Hough. We’re going to open the stadium June 6.

That is really cool.

We’re looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun.