CMT Insider: Gary Allan’s Attorney Discusses Restraining Order in Stalking Case

Nashville Woman Prohibited From Contact With Singer and His Band Members

An attorney for Gary Allan says the singer-songwriter is relieved that a permanent restraining order has been issued for a 47-year-old Nashville woman who has allegedly been stalking him.

Police in Hendersonville, Tenn., arrested Katherine Walker in May following an incident at Allan’s house. She was charged with stalking Allan and burglarizing and vandalizing his home. Sumner County Chancery Court Judge Tom Gray issued the permanent restraining order Tuesday (July 21) following testimony by Allan and several of his band members and business associates.

Walker, who represented herself at the hearing, claimed Allan had bugged her phone and written songs about her. Attorney Allen Ehmling represented Allan.

“The judge basically said that based upon the proof we presented today, the temporary restraining order that restrains her from coming around Gary or his band or his house … is permanent now, so she can’t come around at all,” Ehmling told CMT Insider. Despite Walker’s allegations against Allan, the attorney said, “There’s nothing based in fact or truth. When it came time to bring forth the evidence, she brought nothing.”

Although Allan is a celebrity, the attorney said his client has a right to privacy.

“Dealing with fans, there’s some of that adoration that goes with the job,” he said. “However, when someone starts coming over to your home, damages your property, tries to get into your home, goes through the vehicles, throws bricks through your window, throws furniture into the pool off a second-floor balcony, I think that crosses the line clearly. It’s time that something needs to be done to re-establish that line between public person and private person.”

In questioning Allan on the witness stand, Walker asked, “Are you aware that this is all really depressing to me?”

“Then go away,” the singer replied.

“So you’re really trying to help me — a person with depression right now?” Walker continued.

“I just want you to leave me alone,” Allan said. “I don’t know anything about you.”

Ehmling later said of Walker, “She’s lost everybody she knows, everybody’s she’s close to and apparently including her children. … I think it’s just a function of being sad and depressed and lonely. … The remedy here, ultimately, is if she continues this behavior, he [Allan] has the right to put her in jail. Now, nobody wants to do that. What we want is to be left alone.”

Walker still faces criminal charges in connection with the incident at Allan’s house. She is scheduled to be arraigned Friday (July 24) on the criminal charges.

As for Allan, Ehmling said, “I think he’s glad to have it behind him. Wouldn’t anybody be? Now all he’s got to do is deal with whatever the district attorney wants on the criminal side. As far as the civil case, we’re glad it’s over and done with.”