CMT Insider: Gloriana Anxious to Release Debut Album

Self-Titled Project Arrives in Stores on Aug. 4

Gloriana’s self-titled debut album will be released Tuesday (Aug. 4), and the four members of the group can’t wait.

“Our whole lives, we’ve been imagining this moment where we get the record deal, make the album and then release it. And now it’s really happening,” vocalist Rachel Reinert tells CMT Insider. “I had one of those ’oh, my gosh’ moments the other day when we pre-signed 1,200 of our CD inserts. Looking at it — the physical copy of it — was pretty crazy. It was like a ’real’ moment.”

Gloriana was formed in 2007 after Tom and Mike Gossin — brothers who sing and play guitar — moved to Nashville after years of working in clubs in North Carolina. They soon met Reinert and, later, Cheyenne Kimball, who provides vocals, mandolin and guitar to the quartet.

Their album is being released by Emblem Music Group, the new label founded by Matt Serletic, known for his work with Willie Nelson and Matchbox Twenty. The group has gained attention with “Wild at Heart,” a song Serletic wrote with Josh Kear and Stephanie Bentley. In addition to the music video’s success on CMT Top 20 Countdown, the single is currently at No. 16 on Billboard’s country songs chart.

As for the next single, Reinert says the choice will likely be the album’s opening track, “How Far Do You Wanna Go?”

“It’s similar to ’Wild at Heart’ in that it’s very energetic, so I think it’s going to come out with a bang,” she says. “We’re really excited about that one.”