BMI Honors Bobby Pinson for Co-writing Two No. 1 Sugarland Singles

With his co-writers — Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush — out of town, Bobby Pinson was the undisputed top dog Thursday afternoon (July 30) as BMI toasted his part in penning Sugarland’s two latest No. 1 singles, “Already Gone” and “It Happens.” BMI hosted the celebration at its Nashville headquarters. “For those hoping to get an autograph from Jennifer Nettles,” Pinson told the celebrants, “I’ll sign your boob.” He explained that he, Nettles and Bush wrote the two hits during a three-day “magic weekend” that yielded four strong songs. A singer himself — and until recently a thin one — Pinson alluded to his increasing weight with a joke. He said his audiences are divided into two types: “The ones who say, ’Who’s that fat guy singing Bobby Pinson songs?’ and the others who say, ’Who’s Bobby Pinson?'” After accepting an armful of awards and plaques, Pinson grabbed his guitar and amused the crowd with a scatological parody that drew from both the songs being honored.