INSIDER NEWS NOW: Shania Twain Sends a Message to Her Fans

Marking her 44th Birthday, She Gives an Update on Her Life

To celebrate her 44th birthday on Friday (Aug. 28), Shania Twin posted a message and a special video for her fans on her Web site. Her letter, which runs more than 900 words, is very folksy and — although she does not mention it specifically – is very much an update on her life since her breakup with her husband, Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

She refers to her frequent companion, Frederic Thiebaud, as “Fred” and calls him “a dear friend and true gentleman” who is helping her and her son Eja adjust to a new life. She notes that a friend refers to her and Thiebaud as “Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.”

Answering the obvious question of her reasons for posting a message and video, Twain writes, “Why I decided to share this personal side of my life with you at this point is to answer the questions I get asked so often lately: ’how are you, where have you been and what have you been doing?”

Twain goes on to elaborate, “A big part of the answer is in the montage. I’m ’OK’ – yes, I hit a very big bump in the road, but Eja and I are doing well and with all the concern you, my fans, have shown over this difficult period, I want you to see for yourself that we are doing fine, by sharing these personal images with you.” She says travel is helping a great deal, noting that she considers herself to be “on a journey of discovery and recovery.”

The 15-minute video montage on her site chronicles her travels throughout the past year. It includes skydiving in Florida, skiing on a glacier in Switzerland, and trips to Egypt and Spain, among other destinations.

No mention is made of future plans regarding her music.

See her video to fans and watch music videos.