NASHVILLE SKYLINE: New Quiz Unveils Music’s Secrets

The Truth About Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and More

(NASHVILLE SKYLINE is a column by CMT/ Editorial Director Chet Flippo.)

Well, boys and girls, it’s time to go back to school and back to work. To lively up those dormant, moribund, sodden brain cells of yours, here’s a little quiz to stretch your synapses. Google away, if you feel the need. Answers are below.

1. In announcing his All for the Hall benefit concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Keith Urban listed many early musical influences on his life and career. They included Ronnie Milsap, Eddie Rabbitt, Glen Campbell and Charley Pride. They all share many characteristics but one is particularly unique — which Urban himself also shares. What is it?

A. They all express love and respect for country’s legacy.
B. They do not wear hats.
C. They are all excellent, seasoned musicians.
D. They all possess exquisite song sense.
E. None of them is from Nashville.

2. Which of these artists has Taylor Swift not dueted with?

A. T-Pain
B. Kellie Pickler C. John Mayer
D. Madonna
E. Boys Like Girls

3. Brooks & Dunn’s farewell tour will be called:

A. The Last Ride
B. The Last Mile
C. The Last Go-Round
D. Slim & Howdy’s Last Go-Round
E. The Last Rodeo

4. LeAnn Rimes recently announced she will file for divorce from her husband Dean Sheremet. She has been seen often in the company of a new companion whose name is:

A. Eddie Haskell
B. Eddie Izzard
C. Eddie Cibrian
D. Eddie Vedder
E. Eddie Cubanero

5. As for Dean Sheremet, he has moved to New York City to study at the:

A. Juilliard School
B. NYU Film School
C. French Culinary Institute
D. Feldenkrais Institute
E. Columbia Law School

6. What do these songs have in common? Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried” and Roger Miller’s “Chug-a-Lug.”

7. What do these songs have in common? Kitty Wells’ “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels,” Hank Thompson’s “Wild Side of Life” and Roy Acuff’s “Great Speckled Bird.”

8. When Jack Ingram recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most radio interviews in a 24-hour period, what landmark was visible behind him?

A. Niagara Falls
B. The Manhattan Bridge
C. The Golden Gate Bridge
D. The Brooklyn Bridge
E. The Hollywood sign

9. Which of these artists has not released CDs through the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain?

A. Zac Brown Band
B. George Jones C. Dolly Parton D. Montgomery Gentry E. Alison Krauss & Union Station
F. Kenny Rogers G. Josh Turner H. Sara Evans I. Merle Haggard

10. Based on available evidence and intuition, what will be a dominant trend in country music during the next decade?

A. Boy band country
B. Disney country
C. Teen princess country
D. Retro country
E. Vampire country
F. Smalltown country
G. I’m country, you’re country, he/she’s country, we’re country, they’re country.
H. Same old. Business as usual.

11. George Strait sings the Mexican folk song “El Rey” in Spanish on his current CD Twang. Which songs sung partly in Spanish have topped the Billboard country chart?

A. “Vaya Con Dios,” Freddy Fender (1976)
B. “Eres Tu,” Johnny Rodriguez (1977)
C. “Secret Love,” Freddy Fender (1975)
D. “Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through),” Johnny Rodriguez (1972)
E. “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” Freddy Fender (1975)

12. Which of these artists has never won a CMA award?

A. Blake Shelton B. Trace Adkins C. Jason Aldean D. Craig Morgan E. Joe Ely F. Wynonna G. Sonny James H. Eddie Rabbitt

13. Taylor Swift is the first solo female artist to receive a CMA entertainer of the year nomination since the year 2000. Who was nominated that year?

A. Shania Twain B. Reba McEntire C. Faith Hill D. Martina McBride E. Trisha Yearwood

14. And who was the last woman before that to gain that nomination?

A. Barbara Mandrell B. Reba McEntire
C. Loretta Lynn D. Dolly Parton
E. Shania Twain

15. Darius Rucker earned his first two CMA nominations this year. He thus becomes the first black singer with a CMA nomination since this artist in 1980. Who is it?

A. Charley Pride
B. Lionel Ritchie
C. Dr. Cleve Francis
D. Dr. Maya Angelou
E. Ray Charles

16. Which Tejano or Mexican-American artists have received CMA nominations?

A. Trini Lopez
B. Richie Valens
C. Johnny Rodriguez
D. Jose Feliciano
E. Freddy Fender

17. Now that the Beatles are back, put on your Fab Four thinking cap and ponder the group’s ties with Nashville and country. It’s well-known that the Beatles’ version of “Act Naturally” (sung by Ringo) was patterned after Buck Owens’ original recording. Which of these songwriters co-wrote the song?

A. Buck Owens
B. Harlan Howard C. Loretta Lynn
D. Cindy Walker E. Johnny Russell

18. “Junior’s Farm” is a Paul McCartney song he recorded during an extended visit to Nashville. It is also the name of the farm where he and his family stayed. Whose farm was it?

A. Chet Atkins B. Curly Putman
C. Bobby Bare D. Boots Randolph
E. Eddy Arnold

19. Which of these artists is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

A. Ray Charles
B. Gram Parsons C. Charlie Poole D. Johnny Horton E. Bobby Bare

20. The Country Music Association has hired a new consulting firm/branding/marketing sort of outfit that will conjure up new campaigns to help the music industry along. They’ll probably come up with a new “brand” or slogan. See if you can remember the last slogan that the CMA adopted from a think tank to brand and market the music. It happened in 2001. Which one of these was it?

A. Country — Admit it. You like it.
B. Country — It’s pretty doggoned good.
C. Country — It’s people-pleasin’ music.
D. Country — The true voice of America
E. Country — It stands for us.
F. Country — Life set to music


1. B. They do not wear hats.
2. D. Madonna
3. E. The Last Rodeo
4. C. Eddie Cibrian
5. C. French Culinary Institute
6. Compare portions of the melodies and decide for yourself.
7. Their melodies are identical.
8. D. The Brooklyn Bridge
9. They all have.
10. H. Same old. Business as usual.
11. C. “Secret Love” and E. “Before the Next Teardrop Falls.”
12. None of them has won a CMA award.
13. C. Faith Hill
14. E. Shania Twain in 1999
15. A. Charley Pride
16. C. Johnny Rodriguez and E. Freddy Fender
17. E. Johnny Russell (with Voni Morrison)
18. B. Curly Putman
19. None of them is in the Hall.
20. A. Country — Admit it. You like it.