HOT DISH: Even a Spoiled Jerk Can’t Spoil Taylor Swift’s Future

Thoughts About the MTV Video Music Awards and More Country Music News

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What can you say about Kanye West? He’s an obnoxious wimp without class or a sense of judgment. No adult male in his right mind would act in such a disrespectful manner to a woman, much less a 19-year-old girl. In her life, Taylor Swift has never done anything to deserve the kind of senseless abuse she took at the MTV Music Awards. People in Nashville are angry. Taylor won her VMA fair and square when “You Belong With Me” was named best female video.

Has Kanye West flipped out, or is he a spoiled baby? Just because an award didn’t go to the person he thought it should, he has no right to be judgmental of another artist such as Taylor. Just who did he think he was when he jumped onstage while Taylor was making her speech? It takes a real jerk to interrupt an important moment in a young girl’s life in such a rude manner. Yes, he spoiled her award-winning moment, but he does not have what it takes to spoil her future.

The incident will not hurt Taylor or her career. It only proves what all her fans already know: Taylor is in control of each and every situation in her life. Fans will love and respect her more. And imagine what the television audience was saying the morning after. My guess is that parents and grandparents who heard about the incident went out in droves to buy copies of Taylor’s latest album, Fearless.

Am I mad? Yes, I am. I don’t want anybody messing with my people. Here’s a little girl who filled Nashville’s Sommet Center the night before the awards show in New York City. She’s worked hard, onstage and off. She’s sold more records than anybody this year. Taylor deserves any and all awards she receives. This ugly incident makes me want to punch out Kanye’s lights.

The good that came out of this incident is that the whole world now knows that young Taylor Swift is a genuine superstar. And country fans now know that Beyoncé isn’t just a beautiful and talented woman but someone who has a loving heart and is as smart as can be. So, who are the winners? Taylor and Beyoncé. Thank you Beyoncé, and God bless you for calling Taylor back onstage to have her say.

Kellie Pickler, recently voted the sexiest vegetarian alive by PETA, tweeted her best friend Taylor the following message: “Tator Tot: You handled yourself with grace. Kanye, go grow some f**ing balls!” Tell him, Kellie!

And who is the loser? What’s is name, anyway? What we need to do is ignore the jerk. Do not speak his name. If you see him, grunt — the way you grunt at your ex. Even President Obama knows the guy is a natural-born jackass — and said so. You made me proud, Mr. President. You made me proud.

E-mail From a Friend
I received an e-mail this week with a message that read: “I love you, Hazel.” It was signed, “Kenny.” Lord knows, I love you, too, Kenny. And to all you fans out there who think I should not mention that I love Kenny and Brad and Keith, just go play in the interstate. It does saddens me that Kenny has decided not to tour in 2010, but a man has to do what a man has to do.

Joe Nichols and the Dalai Lama
Joe Nichols will perform his current single, “Believers,” during Wednesday’s (Sept. 23) ceremony in Memphis, Tenn., for the Dalai Lama, who will be presented with the Freedom Award, the highest honor given by the National Civil Rights Museum. The presentation will take place at the Lorraine Hotel, where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Later that day, Joe will be joined by Natalie Cole at a charity concert to raise money for the Dalai Lama’s Foundation, the Missing Peace Music and Arts Program.

Luke Bryan Setting Out on His Own Tour
Luke Bryan has announced that he’s setting out on his own for his upcoming tour as a headliner. The first date of his Doin’ My Thing tour is set for Oct. 30 in Jacksonville, Fla. Fast Ryde is the opening act. Luke has performed approximately 350 concerts since 2007. Opening shows for Dierks Bentley, Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Trace Adkins and others, he’s spent time honing his performance chops. It’s time for Luke, so give the Georgia boy some attention.

Sweet Georgia Brown
Zac Brown and his wife have a new baby girl named Georgia Sloan Brown, but I’m going to call her Sweet Georgia Brown. This is couple’s third daughter but the first with such a famous name. “Sweet Georgia Brown” is a jazz standard and pop tune written in 1925.

Wy Returns to Her Roots
Wynonna Judd returns to her roots on the 67th annual Santa Train. She’s set to revisit her Appalachian childhood on Nov. 21 as guest on the train that delivers toys to children in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. With 14 stops along the way, the train will transport 15 tons of toys, including six pallets donated by the Children’s Miracle Network, to the thousands along the route.

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
I had to laugh when I saw the photo of LeAnn Rimes walking and carrying her purse beside Eddie Cibrian on his motorcycle. The caption said they were moving into Rimes’ place in Santa Monica, Calif. I didn’t see any luggage in the photo, so I guess all they need is her purse and his cycle. Ain’t love grand!

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