CMT Insider Interview: On the Set of Gloriana’s Latest Music Video

Members of the Quartet Talk About "How Far Do You Wanna Go?"

Having gained attention with “Wild at Heart” and an opening slot of Taylor Swift’s tour, Gloriana recently completed work on the music video for their second single, “How Far Do You Wanna Go?”

Written by Matt Serletic, Jeffrey Steele and Danny Myrick, the song is the opening track from Gloriana’s self-titled debut album. And the group — Cheyenne Kimball, Rachel Reinert and brothers Mike and Tom Gossin — say it’s one of their favorite songs.

“It’s kind of about being from a small town and being in love with somebody and just asking them, ’Do you want to get out of here with me and just run away and be free?'” Kimball told CMT Insider during an interview at the video shoot. “It’s a song that a lot of people can relate to.”

Mike Gossin continued, “It’s about a guy who kind likes this girl but keeps on missing her. He’s trying to tell her he really wants to be with her. … She leaves town almost, and he almost chases after her. Finally, they end up meeting.”

Tom Gossin says the song gets the crowd’s attention during their concert appearances.

“It’s a great one to open with because it’s really high energy,” he said. “Even the lyrics saying ’how far do you wanna go’ are kind of a cool question to pose to the audience at the top of the show. We have so much fun playing it.”

The group formed in 2007, and Reinert says they’re beginning to see the results of their work.

“Everything over the last two years has just been absolutely incredible for us,” she said. “We’re excited.”