CMT Insider Interview: Faith Hill Discusses New “Parfum”

Says Fragrance Line Reflects Her Personality

Faith Hill still laughs about the first time she tried to pronounce the word “parfum,” but she’s clearly excited about her new women’s fragrance that was recently introduced.

Faith Hill Parfums is a partnership with Coty Inc., the world’s largest fragrance company.

“To be honest, I didn’t really understand how involved putting a fragrance together could be — or would be,” Hill said during an interview with CMT Insider’s Katie Cook. “Once I made the choice to actually do it, I just went for it. I just dove in and have really learned a lot about putting a scent together. It’s kind of exciting. You’d bring stuff home and smell it, and we’d say yes or no.”

Coty also markets McGraw, a men’s fragrance developed with Hill’s husband, Tim McGraw.

“My husband beat me to it so I thought I’ve got to keep up with him somehow,” she laughed.

In formulating Faith Hill Parfums, she said she was attracted by familiar scents.

“I wanted it to represent my personality and what I like,” she said. “And I wanted to actually wear it. I would hate to have done something that I would never put on in a 10-mile radius. I didn’t want that to happen, so it was important that I was very involved.

“I wanted to bring about things that remind me of home … in Mississippi and Tennessee. That’s where the Southern magnolia comes in, the peony, the crisp pear, all those things. Very fresh and clean and also sensual at the same time.”