NASHVILLE SKYLINE: Test Your Music Knowledge

Take This Quiz, Win Nothing but Self-Esteem

(NASHVILLE SKYLINE is a column by CMT/ Editorial Director Chet Flippo.)

Time for another quiz before preparing for the post-Thanksgiving turkey tryptophan coma. Try the questions once without researching anywhere. Then, Google away. The answers are below.

1. A group of movie and TV composers and lyricists recently met in Burbank, Calif., with union representatives to discuss joining a union, since they are not currently represented by such an organization. The union they favor is:

A. AFTRA (American Federation of Radio and Television Artists)
B. IBT (International Brotherhood of Teamsters)
C. AFM (American Federation of Musicians)
D. WGA (Writers Guild of America)

2. At the recent CMA Awards , Taylor Swift won four major awards. However, that is not the most CMA honors that one entertainer of the year recipient has won in one year. The record-holders are:

A. Dixie Chicks B. Garth Brooks C. Johnny Cash D. Alan Jackson E. Vince Gill

3. Jimmy Wayne’s new single is a remake of “Sara Smile,” a big hit from the 1970s. The original version of “Sara Smile” was recorded by:

A. Brooks & Dunn B. Meatloaf
C. Hall & Oates
D. Bob Seger

4. Taylor Swift has a new part-time job. She will be:

A. Writing greeting cards
B. Designing a new line of clothes
C. Appearing at girls’ music camps to teach songwriting
D. Starring in Sex and Country Music

5. Big Kenny’s new album, The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy, is unique in that it is believed to be the first album that:

A. Will sprout wildflowers when planted in the ground
B. Will spontaneously self-destruct after 1 million plays
C. E-mails pictures of you to Big Kenny
D. Is X-rated if played backwards

6. Jack White had great success producing Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose album. The next female singer he will produce is:

A. Faith Hill B. Trisha Yearwood C. Taylor Swift
D. Dolly Parton E. Wanda Jackson

7. Tim McGraw portrays this living person in the new movie, The Blind Side.

A. Charles Billingsley
B. Rob McLaughlin
C. Sean Tuohy
D. Aaron Jackson

8. One year, previous entertainer of the year winner Charlie Rich, in announcing the new entertainer on the live telecast, took out his lighter and set fire to the envelope and the winner’s name. Only then did he announce it. Who was the winner?

A. Marie Osmond B. Olivia Newton-John C. John Denver D. Anne Murray

9. Who was the first woman to be named CMA entertainer of the year?

A. Barbara Mandrell B. Dolly Parton
C. Reba McEntire D. Loretta Lynn

10. For some entertainer of the year award winners, that was the only CMA award of their career. Who were those?

A. Eddy Arnold B. Shania Twain C. John Denver
D. Mel Tillis


1. B. The Teamsters. The composers and lyricists said they feel that the Teamsters, with its aggressive reputation, could best represent them.
2. C, D and E. Johnny Cash won five in 1969. Alan Jackson got five in 2002. Vince Gill did the same in 1993.
3. C. Hall & Oates, in 1976
4. A. Writing and designing greeting cards for American Greetings
5. A. It germinates Big Kenny’s favorite wildflowers when planted. The album’s packaging is completely compostable and embedded with seeds for perennials.
6. E. Wanda Jackson
7. C. Sean Tuohy, the husband in the family that took in a young, homeless boy who became a pro football player. (Charles Billingsley was McGraw’s role in Friday Night Lights, Rob McLaughlin was his character in Flicka, and Aaron Jackson was his role in The Kingdom.)
8. C. John Denver, in 1975. Denver was on a satellite feed in Australia and managed to say his thanks.
9. D. Loretta Lynn in 1972
10. A. Eddy Arnold, B. Shania Twain and D. Mel Tillis