CMT Insider: Rascal Flatts Visit Children’s Hospital in Nashville

They Greet Young Patients and Their Families During the Holiday Season

Lead vocalist Gary LeVox had a special message to share with the young patients and their families last week at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

“We’re gonna need your help to count down to light the Christmas tree because we’re musicians,” he said. “We don’t count well.”

Rascal Flatts members Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney joined LeVox for the visit to the medical center.

“We’ve never been able to be here around the holidays, so it was a unique time for us to be able to come here and visit the kids,” DeMarcus told CMT Insider. “It’s just a chance for us to visit the hospital once again, come face to face with these angels who are in this wonderful place and to walk down the halls and visit with some more people on the staff and see their passion for this place.

“Every time we come here, we have a renewed appreciation for what they do and what this place means to Nashville and, in fact, to a large part of the country. They take in kids from all over the place.”

Rascal Flatts have provided more than their time to the children’s hospital. In recent years, the trio’s concerts in Nashville have raised more than $3 million for the facility.

“A few years ago, when we wanted to a part of this thing, the hospital was wonderful, but I think the biggest reason we wanted to be a part of it is just how special and important the people who come here to get medical treatment are,” LeVox said.

DeMarcus said he and his musical partners are constantly inspired by the work of the children’s hospital.

“We’ve been very blessed in our career,” he said. “We’ve gotten to do so many great things throughout the years. We’ve gotten to meet presidents. We’ve been able to go to so many wonderful awards shows and meet so many great celebrities. But I think the most special thing we’ve ever been able to do is our involvement with this hospital. Every time we come here, I am so moved by the dedication I see and the heart that the staff has for not only the children but the parents of the children, as well.”

Rooney said he hopes their visit brightened the holidays for the children and their families.

“It’s a difficult time for them,” he said. “This is the time of the year when you want good feelings in your heart. If we can give it to them in some small way, that’s wonderful.”