Randy Houser Closes Out a Whirlwind Year

Singer-Songwriter Completing His CMT on Tour Roadwork With Jamey Johnson

Despite the song’s subject matter of a relationship that has hit the rocks, “Anything Goes” seems an appropriate title for singer-songwriter Randy Houser’s first charting single. After all, over the past year, he’s wrangled in quite a few noteworthy accomplishments.

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of the release of his debut album, Anything Goes, that features the powerful title track and the rowdy Top 5 hit, “Boots On.” As a result, Houser landed his first two CMA nominations — one for music video and the other for best new artist.

Though Houser fell short of receiving any CMA hardware this year, his fresh out-of-the-gate success has come with constant persistence and dedication.

“There are a lot of those guys that had big, big years, and I’m kind of just getting started,” he told CMT.com. “All of it’s so new right now.”

Houser has spent much of his action-packed year on the road with singer-songwriter Jamey Johnson during CMT on Tour. The series of shows ends this weekend with appearances Friday (Dec. 18) in Cincinnati and Saturday (Dec. 19) in Evansville, Ind.

Longtime friends, Houser explained he and Johnson weren’t new to sharing a stage.

“It is something we’ve done together for a long time,” he said of their 30-city tour that began in early October.

During the tour, the two gained a national reputation for their marathon performances that lasted late into the night and catered to those fans who weren’t ready to go home.

“Being on tour with your buddy is by design,” Houser said. “We’re not the type of guys that want to go out with anybody and not fit the music for the night. We’ve been doing shows together for so long, we know how to handle the same crowd.”

Early on, Houser realized he had a lot in common with Johnson.

“We’re both the same age — 33,” he said. “That’s about 25 years apiece of us playing guitars and remembering as a kid to play the guitar on up through playing bars, writing songs and learning how to record.”

With their tour ending, Houser and Johnson will be taking some time off during the holidays before headlining solo shows on New Year’s Eve. Johnson will be at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville, Ky., while Houser appears at Wild Bill’s, a club in Duluth, Ga.

It’s probably safe to assume Houser will be saying goodbye to 2009 with his boots on.

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