Jimmy Wayne Arrives in Oklahoma During Walk From Nashville to Phoenix

Jimmy Wayne has crossed the state line from Arkansas to Oklahoma in his effort to walk halfway across the continental U.S. The singer-songwriter, who began his journey on Jan. 1 in Nashville, arrived in Oklahoma early Tuesday night (Feb. 16). So far, he has completed 530 miles of the approximately 1,700-mile walk for his Meet Me Halfway campaign to raise awareness of homeless teens and young adults. He travels approximately 20 miles per day in his walk to Phoenix. “Walking through the small towns and farmlands in Tennessee and Arkansas has been one of the greatest experiences of my life,” Wayne said. “I have met some incredible and generous people who have offered me meals, a warm and dry place to sleep and companionship. When I started this walk, I really had no expectations. I thought I would be alone, sleeping in a tent at night. … There have been many times I’ve slept outside, but even more times, because of a kind and generous soul, I have had a roof over my head.”