Johnny Cash’s Columbia Albums From 1970-1985 Will Be Reissued Digitally

Fourteen of Johnny Cash’s later albums for Columbia Records will be released digitally in March and April by Legacy Recordings. Titles include: Hello, I’m Johnny Cash (1970), The Johnny Cash Show (1970), Man in Black (1971), A Thing Called Love (1972), Johnny Cash and His Woman (1973), Junkie & the Juicehead Minus Me (1974), Sings Precious Memories (1975), John R. Cash (1975), Look at Them Beans (1975), One Piece at a Time (1976), The Last Gunfighter Ballad (1977), The Baron (1981) and Adventures of Johnny Cash (1982). The series will also include Rainbow (1985), his final album for the label. Specific release dates will be determined by the digital service providers.