CMT Insider Interview: Dolly Parton

Superstar Talks About Her New Trinkets & Treasures Store in Nashville

On a recent rainy morning in Nashville, throngs of Dolly Parton fans braved the weather to line up on Second Avenue in downtown Nashville for a chance to meet the superstar.

She made the special appearance for the grand opening of her new store, Trinkets & Treasures. At the event, CMT Insider’s Allison DeMarcus talked to Parton about the store and some of the fans who showed up to see her.

CMT: You’ve got a lot of fans out there to support you. I even saw a few Dolly drag queens out there.

Parton: Oh, I did, too! I looked out, and I went, “Oh, my goodness,” because there were like these big ol’ things out there looking like me. But it’s fun they’re out there standing around in the rain. Bless their hearts, I wouldn’t stand out there for nobody. But they’re out there, and we’re going to have a big meet-and-greet. We’re going to see them and dry them off. And it will be nice. This is our big opening day. We’re excited and so are they.

What brought about the idea of even having a store in Nashville?

Actually, when we were on tour during the past couple of years in Europe, we sold so many things, and they asked for so many things we didn’t actually have, so the second time we went back, we had all this merchandise. So we thought we should actually not only have our merchandise online that fans want all over the world, we should have a store in Nashville. I can’t believe I haven’t had one being here all these years. … Now we do have little things that they can buy for souvenirs. A lot of it’s trinkets and things that are not expensive but fun. And then, of course, we have some nicer things if they want — thus the Trinkets & Treasures.

Are any of these things that are on display from your house, like some of the old photographs?

A lot of stuff, we have in the museum. I don’t have a lot of the pictures of myself in the house because I don’t like looking at myself as I go by. So all of my memorabilia and all of my awards and stuff like that — except for family pictures — are usually are in the museum at Dollywood. So we’ve actually built kind of some little areas where we can actually have some clothes that I’ve worn … so it’s got a flavor of a little mini museum in addition to the merchandise.

One problem I see is that people are going to want to buy some of the decor. There are all the fabulous costumes you’ve worn and all these great stand-ups of you. Did you help design everything?

Steve Summers, who’s my creative director, designs a lot of those clothes. He decided which of the costumes should go into the store. And along with this wonderful team, we have put together the store. They worked long hours doing all that painting. Don’t you love all the pastels — the “Coat of Many Colors”-type theme is kind of what we were going after. Kind of used a big open space like the barn back home.

But it’s a fabulous barn, though, Dolly.

It is. It’s nice.

It’s bright and happy.

It is. This was a store that had actually been here for a long time, but it was a Western store. [Nashville businessman] Buddy Messer still has his boots and cowboy things in the back of the store. We kind of joined together. We went into business with him. He’s a nice, nice man, so we’re happy to be down here where he’s been for years — right beside Charlie Daniels [store], right beside the Wildhorse Saloon. So we’re in a good spot for people to drop in. And if they get drunk up at the Wildhorse, they won’t know all their money is gone and I got it and out the door.