ASCAP, BMI Honor Writers of “That’s How Country Boys Roll”

Billy Currington, Brett Jones, Dallas Davidson Spotlighted

Billy Currington had two triumphs to celebrate and, as luck would have it, two parties to do it with. The performance rights organizations ASCAP and BMI both staged awards presentations at their Nashville headquarters Monday (March 29) to honor the singer and the co-writers of his latest No. 1 single, “That’s How Country Boys Roll.”

The song is Currington’s fourth No. 1 as a singer but his first as a songwriter. His co-writers on “Country Boys” are Brett Jones and Dallas Davidson.

Currington and Jones are affiliated with ASCAP, Davidson with BMI. Thus, the separate parties.

ASCAP’s Mike Sistad presented trophies and commemorative guitars to Currington and Jones and noted that Currington wrote or co-wrote 19 songs on his first three albums for Mercury Records. He further pointed out that Jones has co-penned five No. 1’s to date. Sistad also singled out Currington’s producer, Carson Chamberlain, for praise.

Luke Lewis, chairman of Universal Music Group Nashville (of which Mercury Records is a division), surprised Currington with a gold album plaque for his current album, Little Bit of Everything. The gold designation indicates that 500,000 copies of the album have been shipped to record stores.

A sudden loud crash hushed the capacity crowd and brought many of the partygoers on tiptoes to see what was happening when one of the honorees, radio promotion chief Royce Risser, accidentally dropped his trophy and shattered it on the floor. But after a couple of tension-relieving jokes and some discreet kicking aside of glass shards, the presentations rolled on. Currington acknowledged Jones’ importance to his career. “He always said we’d be right here one day,” he said. “And here we are.”

Jones complained humorously that people in the music industry keep getting his name wrong. One publication, he said, listed him in songwriting credits for “Country Boys” as “Brad Jones,” another as “Brett James.”

“What about [calling me] ’Bad Blake’?” Jones ventured, referring to the main character in the movie Crazy Heart. “I want to thank my four sons,” he continued, “who ate 99-cent cheeseburgers when they came to town. A lot.”

After all the awards were dispensed, pictures taken and glass swept up at ASCAP, the action moved across the street to BMI, where many of the guests lingered at the sunny outdoor bar in front of the building until BMI’s Clay Bradley called the crowd to order to brag about Davidson.

He reminded the crowd that Davidson’s first big hit composition was Trace Adkins“Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and that he has had more than 60 of his songs recorded during the past five years.

Among those in the audience to applaud Davidson’s achievements were fellow recording artists Luke Bryan and Jamey Johnson (a co-writer of “Badonkadonk”).

Currington said he never doubted the crowd appeal of “That’s How Country Boys Roll.”

“We worked this song up out on the road many, many times before we recorded it,” he reported.

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