CMT Insider Interview: Tim McGraw (Part 2 of 2)

He Talks About Future Plans, Including Album of Duets With Wife Faith Hill

Tim McGraw’s schedule is particularly hectic these days as he promotes Love Your Heart, a children’s book he co-wrote with songwriter Tom Douglas, and his Southern Voice tour with Lady Antebellum and Love and Theft.

In the second segment from a recent interview with CMT Insider’s Allison DeMarcus, McGraw talks about his future plans, including a duets album with wife Faith Hill and the possibility of creating some new music that’s outside country’s mainstream.

CMT: Everybody wants to know when you and Faith are going to do a duets album.

McGraw: We’ve always said we wanted to do one. And we will do one. It’s just a matter of when. There’s so many different things involved in the duet album, especially if you’re married and have different careers and have everything going in a different direction. So we will. It’s just a matter of when.

Is Southern Voice your final album with Curb Records?

No, I have one more. The next album will be my final.

I read the Vancouver Sun interview where you told them you felt you had the best days ahead of you.

I do. I think I do. … In this day and age, there’s a lot more music out — in a lot of different ways. There’s music that I want to do with my band. I’ve made albums with my band, but there’s music that’s not necessarily album or radio-driven music that I want to do with my band and with some other friends, along with albums that are made for fans and for radio. But there are other fans that I think will appreciate some of the other things that I like to do, too, that you can’t necessarily do when you’re in the constraints of a record contract.

And you signed with Curb almost 20 years ago.


Can you believe that you’ve been in the business that long?

No. I mean I can’t believe that they’d let a 10-year-old sign a record contract. (laughs)

And now you’re 20. Happy birthday.

I know. How ’bout that? It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it?

You’re about to shoot the video for “Still,” the song that opens Southern Voice.

Yeah, we’re gonna shoot it with Sherman Halsey. … Gosh, I don’t know how many videos we’ve done together. So, yeah, it’s gonna be good. … I’m not a very concept or sort of literal person when it comes to videos. I like to do stuff that’s sort of a performance with some great stuff that’s going on behind it, sort of a more artistic sort of slant. Sherman’s been a great collaborator with me over the years doing that, and I really love working with him, so I’m looking forward to doing it.

When you make music videos these days, do you feel more pressure because you’re an actor and have been in a lot of films?

No, because it’s so different. It’s not really the same sort of thing at all to do it. In fact, you’ve got to remember not to look at the camera when you’re shooting a movie, and in videos, you have to look at the camera. I’m not very smart, so it’s tough for me to figure out what I’m doing. (laughs)

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