NASHVILLE SKYLINE: Quiz Time: Brooks & Dunn and More

Test Your Music Knowledge and Your Wits

(NASHVILLE SKYLINE is a column by CMT/ Editorial Director Chet Flippo.)

Seems like it’s time to take a break and settle down with a little quiz about some recent and past developments in music. Note: In a couple of these, all of the answers could be appropriate. The answers are below.

1. Jerrod Niemann’s chart hit “Lover, Lover” is a remake of this pop hit by this artist:

A. Backstreet Boys’ “Treat Me Right”
B. Van Halen’s “You’re No Good”
C. Sonia Dada’s “You Don’t Treat Me No Good”
D. Bachelor Girl’s “Treat Me Good”

2. New artist Easton Corbin’s voice has been compared to which veteran country artist:

A. Toby Keith B. Billy Gilman C. Kenny Chesney D. George Strait E. Little Jimmy Dickens

3. In reference to the previous question, what do you think the veteran artist’s reaction is to this attempt by his industry to seek to supplant him with a much younger sound-alike?

A. He is flattered
B. He is highly pissed
C. He is indifferent
D. He is amused

4. Easton Corbin is the first country artist in seven years to have a No. 1 hit with his first single, “A Little More Country Than That.” Who was the last artist to accomplish this feat?

A. Dierks Bentley with “What Was I Thinkin'” B. Billy Currington with “Walk a Little Straighter”
C. Josh Turner with “Long Black Train” D. Blake Shelton with “Austin”

5. How many times does the phrase “We’re about Johnny Cash, John Wayne and John Deere” appear in Josh Thompson’s song “Way Out Here” ?

A. Three times
B. Twice
C. Once
D. Too many times

6. Laura Bell Bundy gained fame by appearing in which Broadway production?

A. A Little Night Music
B. Legally Blonde — the Musical
C. Mamma Mia
D. Cabaret

7. Garth Brooks recently met with President Obama in the White House to receive which award from the president?

A. The Elvis Award for Best Las Vegas Opening Night
B. The AARP Good Citizen Award
C. The Brett Favre Retirement Award
D. The Grammy on the Hill Award

8. Dierks Bentley’s next album will be a departure from his usual country albums. It will feature:

A. Polka music
B. Country-punk music
C. Bluegrass music
D. Country-jazz music

9. Sugarland’s next album, The Incredible Machine, and current tour are inspired by what cultural phenomenon?

A. Facebook
B. Steampunk
C. Twitter
D. Hello Kitty

10. Rascal Flatts’ record label, Lyric Street Records, recently just disappeared. What happened to it?

A. The construction for the new Nashville Convention Center demolished it.
B. The Flatts members themselves decided to replace it with the new label, “Gary, Joe Don & Jay Records.”
C. Parent company Disney dissolved it.
D. Goldman Sachs declared it a derivative and sold it to foreign investors.

11. Taylor Swift’s recent surprise visit to Auburn University in Alabama was intended to:

A. Record a version of the Auburn anthem “War Eagle” for televised games during football season
B. Film a new cheerleader-themed music video
C. Hug two fans who had been begging her for same
D. Enroll at Auburn for this fall

12. After Garth Brooks met with President Obama, he told CBS News this:

A. “We’re all country”
B. “We’re the same except I don’t have the Peace Prize”
C. “We’ll be touring together in 2016”
D. “We co-wrote a great song about red and blue states”

13. The latest app for the iPhone and iPad is:

A. Taylor Swift’s Guide to Dreams
B. Lady Antebellum’s Guide to Songwriting
C. Toby Keith’s Guide to Modesty
D. Shania Twain’s Guide to Graceful Coming Out of Retirement

14. American Idol’s notion of an ideal singing partner for Rascal Flatts during the show’s “Country Music Week” was:

A. Motorhead
B. Lady Gaga
C. Shakira
D. Ludacris

15. In John Rich’s next music video, which artist do you think was selected to drive the riding lawn mower on Rich’s roof lawn (next to the rooftop swimming pool) at his new mansion, “Mount Richmore,” in Nashville? (Hint: This artist has a history with riding lawn mowers).

A. Ted Nugent
B. Sebastian Bach
C. Gretchen Wilson D. George Jones

16. Joni Mitchell recently called Bob Dylan a “fake” because he — among other things she cited — changed his birth name from Zimmerman to Dylan. Joni Mitchell’s birth name is:

A. Joni Mitchell
B. Roberta Joan Anderson
C. Joan Dylan Zimmerman
D. Cathy Evelyn Smith

17. If you have read the news today, you know that the host of the next CMT Awards Show will be:

A. Kid Rock B. Jeff Foxworthy C. Reba D. Miley Cyrus E. Taylor Swift

18. Brooks & Dunn, who are now on their farewell tour, began in country music in 1991 and their first four singles went to No. 1. The first of those was:

A. “Neon Moon” B. “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” C. “My Next Broken Heart” D. “Brand New Man”

19. Zac Brown, besides being quite a gifted musician, songwriter and singer, is also an accomplished cook. One of his specialties, in addition to his sauces, rubs and seasonings, is the dish:

A. Squirrel casserole
B. Possum pudding
C. Armadillo soup
D. Muskrat mousse

20. Zac Brown also owned and ran a restaurant with his father before forming the Zac Brown Band. The restaurant was named:

A. Possum Holler
B. Southern Ground
C. Zac’s Place
D. Brown’s Diner


1. C. Sonia Dada
2. D. George Strait
3. Any will work.
4. A. Dierks Bentley
5. A. Three times and D. Too many times
6. B. Legally Blonde — The Musical
7. D. The Grammy on the Hill Award
8. C. Bluegrass music
9. B. Steampunk
10. C. Disney dissolved it
11. C. Hug two fans
12. B. The Peace Prize
13. All of them
14. C. Shakira
15. D. George Jones, who in his drinking days rode his mower to a bar more than once
16. B. Roberta Joan Anderson
17. A. Kid Rock
18. D. “Brand New Man.” It was followed by “My Next Broken Heart,” “Neon Moon,” and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.”
19. B. Possum pudding
20. C. Zac’s Place