Toby Keith Faces Extensive Loss of Gear in Nashville Flood

Toby Keith is facing a near-total loss of touring gear and stage equipment due to the recent Nashville flood, according to an e-mail from a member of Keith’s tour management team. However, the schedule and production value for Keith’s upcoming tour dates are not expected to be affected by the losses, which were due to a serious flood on May 1 and 2 that rose into a storage facility near downtown Nashville. An e-mail forwarded by Keith’s publicist, Elaine Schock, reads as follows: “Basically we are at a total loss on all of our gear except for what we took on the USO tour which is one of Toby’s guitars, a bass guitar of Chuck Goff’s and one guitar from lead guitarist Rich Eckhardt. The rest of our gear is still underwater, and we are waiting for it to recede before we can get into the storage locker at Soundcheck Nashville. Provided that the water level continues to recede at the pace it is dropping now, we are tentatively scheduled to get inside to assess damage on Saturday (May 8). We have seven production trucks that are still partially underwater that contain our stage set, all of our production cases, back drops, soft goods, etc. We only have two shows left with the current set and are hopeful that we can at least salvage that set and all of the soft goods for those two shows, but that is still not yet determined because the water is considered contaminated. We WILL NOT miss any future dates. We are securing everything we need to put on the same great shows that we always do.” In a follow-up email, Keith’s manager, TK Kimbrell, wrote, “I would stress that there are a lot greater concerns here in this area because people lost their loved ones, homes and belongings. We’re going to be okay, but the focus needs to be on those that lost a lot more than we did.” Keith’s next tour date is scheduled for May 29 in Fort Knox, Ky.