The Lost Trailers, Known for “Holler Back,” Announce Breakup

The Lost Trailers, who had a Top 10 hit in 2008 with “Holler Back,” have broken up. The split was announced Friday (May 28) on singer and keyboard player Ryder Lee’s Facebook page. Lee wrote that he left the Lost Trailers in March but will be playing shows with the band through 2010. Lee added he’d be pursuing a new project with two other members of the Lost Trailers — guitarist Manny Medina and drummer Jeff Potter. Earlier this year, the band’s singer-guitarist Stokes Nielson released a pop single called “Gravy (All the Bad Girls).” His younger brother, bassist Andrew Nielson, was also a member of the Lost Trailers. Formed in Atlanta, the band recorded for BNA Records, an imprint of Sony Music Nashville. The band’s other singles included “Call Me Crazy,” “Why Me,” “Country Folks (Livin’ Loud)” and “How ’Bout You Don’t.”