Chuck Wicks Gets Stuck on the Wrong Bus

Ahhhhhh … with fairs and festivals heavy on the calendar this summer it’s hard to resist all the corndogs, fries and pretty much everything you can think of that fits in a fryer. So far so good. Last year, not so much. I think I re-gained my “freshman 15″ through the fair circuit. Wasn’t going to do that again. My brother is a different story, and so is the dog, Coop. I walked on the bus to see my pup just chillin’ on the couch with someone’s leftover corndog and fries. Needless to say, she went on a lot of walks. 🙂 Last week was also the week where we were given the wrong bus on accident. Now, I have 10 guys on the road … the bus we got sleeps 7. It was a great bus. Had a huge bed in the back with its own flat screen, shower and so on. Obviously I called dibs on that. So the other guys worked out who would sleep on the couches up front, and just when I thought I had the good life and my own little space where no one would bother me, in walks my brother. My brother is every bit of 275 and 6’2”. Maybe this was payback for all the times I would launch dirt bombs at him on the farm as kids. 🙂 It was pretty hysterical. We immediately put up the wall of pillows and yelled “stay on your side” every two minutes. Ha! Homeboy needs to work on his snoring though. Thankfully we are back on the regular bus now. With that said … until next week! Oh, did I mention I played the Opry last week! Always amazing!