Taylor Swift’s New Video Shows She’s Becoming a Woman

Coming from Roman White, the director behind so many of Taylor Swift’s videos, that’s a big compliment. Because he’s known Swift since they worked together on the video for “You Belong With Me.” But now that they’re about to unveil her new video for “Mine,” White tells MTV that Swift is growing into herself and becoming a woman. And says that not just because there are scenes of her as “Older Taylor” or because she has shorter hair and kids in this new video. White added that this was a hard song to represent in a music video because it has so many dark elements, but he says the whole finished product is quite an evolution. You can see for yourself when CMT Premieres: Taylor Swift “Mine” airs Friday (Aug. 27) at 8 p.m. ET on CMT and CMT.com. The video will be available for free streaming on CMT.com immediately following the show.