Taylor Swift Unveils New Video During CMT Special

She Returns to Maine to Greet Local Fans and Premiere "Mine"

(View the video for Taylor Swift’s “Mine,” and watch the CMT special surrounding the video premiere.)

“I think we’ve got the whole town out here!” Taylor Swift proclaimed Friday evening (Aug. 27) in Kennebunkport, Maine, during a CMT special premiering her new video, “Mine.”

After completing the video, Swift realized she wanted to return to the scenic community to share the premiere with local residents. The event attracted approximately 800 people, including former President George H.W. Bush, who brought his grandchildren to see Swift. He owns an estate in Kennebunkport.

“We shot the video here,” she told the crowd who had gathered near the coastline. “It’s so important that we premiere it live from the place this video was shot. I’m so excited you guys are here to see it.”

Her fans were excited, too.

“It’s been so wonderful spending time in this town and in this part of the country,” Swift noted. “We saw this car painted with all the lyrics of my songs today driving around blasting ’Mine.'”

“Mine” is the first single from her upcoming album, Speak Now. Explaining the inspiration behind the song, she told CMT’s Katie Cook, “For me, I am so obsessed with love and fascinated by it, but I’m also kind of confused by it, too. I have this habit of sort of running away from it. This song is about the idea that if you met the right person — and you’ve met that person that was worth working through and fighting for — that you could make it actually work out.”

She added, “It was such a fun video to shoot because I think that it shows this story about this relationship — from when they meet and all these happy, beautiful times you look back on and remember. But relationships aren’t perfect, and there are things that happen that you have to fight through and get through. I think the huge argument scene is one of my favorite parts of the video because it’s about actually working through your problems.”

British actor Toby Hemingway, who played Swift’s husband in the production, attended Friday’s premiere of the video Swift co-directed with Roman White.

“Having written the song, I had this idea in my head for how I wanted it to look,” she told Cook. “Roman White is a director I’ve worked with a lot. He’s just been unbelievable. He shot ’You Belong With Me’ and ’Fifteen.’ … I’ve worked really well with people who are really receptive to ideas. My [record] producer, Nathan Chapman, is the same way.”

As it turned out, Swift and her mother also served as casting directors for the video after spotting a 3-year-old named Liam, who was having a snack with his father at a popular Nashville attraction.

“My mom and I were getting ice cream at this place called Bobbie’s Dairy Dip in Nashville, this ice cream shop,” Swift said. “We pull up, and I’m eating ice cream, and my mom looks over and goes, ’Look at that little boy!'”

At the time, it was just four days before the video was to be shot in Kennebunkport.

“We literally walked up to him … and said, ’I know this is really weird, but I’m shooting a music video, and your son’s really cute. Do you want to go to Maine?’ And they all ended up doing it. The little girl who plays ’young me’ is this little girl I’ve known for three years. Her whole family, everybody, ended up coming to Kennebunkport and hanging out. It was really fun.”