Kenny Chesney Huddles With ESPN for Football Film

“I was the starting wide receiver, for God’s sake, that’ll tell you exactly how great we were,” Kenny Chesney said with a laugh on his ESPN documentary, Boys of Fall, which aired yesterday (Aug. 29). He says he quit growing after freshman year. But he’s making the point that even though his high school team was a little mediocre, he says, “I never had anything in my life that taught me how to work hard the way football did.” So we have his coach, Randy Carroll, to thank for the dedication Chesney has to his music. The hour-long show was a combination of coaches and players, from rookies to legendary sports icons, talking about the value of football. They said things like “Discipline becomes part of your soul,” “The boys, they’re the core of our soul,” “Tradition is average players playing better than they ought to” and “Life is a team game, America.” It was very inspiring. And sentimental. I cried. Especially when the little boys came on at the end and named the player they want to be like when they grow up. Chesney’s new song, “Boys of Fall,” naturally closed the show.

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