Marty Stuart Encourages Traditional and Modern Country

Marty Stuart has a new album out, Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions, and he tells American Songwriter that this one focuses on traditional country music. That’s the side of country he says is almost non-existent right now. “It’s just a great American art form, it’s a great part of America’s culture, but it’s a particular brand of country music that I really love the most and I just thought it is too precious to let slip away, so I wanted to jump in there and see if I couldn’t create some new life for it,” he says. At the point in the story when most legendary artists would start picking on the new music and its creators, Stuart says modern country music is as essential as traditional country music. “We need all those divisions of country music, firing on all cylinders,” he says. So yeehaw to the man who believes there’s room for it all.

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