If Taylor Swift Zones Out, She Must Have a Song on Her Mind

Taylor Swift’s new album doesn’t come out until Oct. 25. That’s eight weeks away. But thanks to EW.com, you can already get a sense of what’s to come . And what it took to get there. “For me, I’m either incredibly stressed or overjoyed, and the way that usually goes is that if I’ve just written a song, I’m the happiest you will ever see me,” she said. “If I haven’t written a song in more than about nine days, that’s when I start to zone out in the middle of conversations because I’m thinking about what I could be writing about next.” And she promised that the songs on Speak Now are not all just straightforward love songs. There are ones about infatuation and adoration and confusion and social dynamics. “Life and love are unpredictable,” Swift said. As for putting together an entire album, Swift said, “I don’t really have much of an interest in having a few possible radio singles and then filling in the blanks with whatever you have.”

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