Keith Urban Announces New Album and Single

Keith Urban will release a new single titled “Put You in a Song” on Sept. 13, followed by a new album, Get Closer, on Nov. 16 on Capitol Nashville. Urban co-wrote the single with Sarah Buxton and Jedd Hughes. (Buxton’s writing credits include Urban’s hit, “Stupid Boy.” Hughes, a native of Australia, previously recorded for MCA Nashville. ) Urban also co-produced the track with Dann Huff. “I’ve always loved songs about ’the guy in love with the unattainable girl,'” Urban said. “And the idea that the only chance that this poor guy is ever going to have to get close to the object of his affection is to put her in a song … just struck me. That way, he’d be able to take her with him everywhere he goes … day and night.” Urban is currently finishing the album in Nashville. His prior project, Defying Gravity, was released in March 2009.