Kanye West/Taylor Swift: He Gets the Last Word at VMAs

Kanye West had the honor of doing the grand finale at Sunday night’s (Sept. 12) MTV Video Music Awards. Like Taylor Swift before him, he had to say something about what happened when he grabbed the spotlight from her at last year’s VMAs. So what did he have to say? Um. Well, there were some sparse keyboard lines at the beginning of his new song, “Runaway.” And he was in a red suit. There were some dancers. And I think the song was about him admitting that he’d acted like a jerk last year. I think that because of the lyrics like “I always find something wrong” and “I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most.” Oh, and then he wanted the world to have a toast to the “douchebags,” “assholes” and “scumbags.” Near the end of the show, host Chelsea Handler said it was “last call at the Kanye West all-you-can-drink cognac bar.” Then Cher, dressed in a vintage outfit, presented the video of the year award to Lady Gaga for “Bad Romance.” But as for the performances, West’s came in last for me. The audience was chanting “Kanye, Kanye, Kanye” as the show finished, but I just wanted to hear more from Taylor Swift.

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