Rascal Flatts’ “Why Wait” Hangs Onto The Hangover

What a trio these guys are — Wayne Newton, Carrot Top and Ron White. Oh, and Rascal Flatts are good together, too. In this video for “Why Wait,” they bring in these Sin City celebs, along with Penn & Teller and David Arquette, to celebrate impulsive weddings. The video opens with a girl asking her boyfriend what happened in Vegas with the boys, and he says, “Well to be honest with you, baby, I don’t really remember.” The rest of the video is a parody of the 2009 movie, The Hangover. So while the lyrics in this song paint a romantic picture of giving into an inevitable lifetime of love, and how forever’s a given, the video is a whole different story. Rascal Flatts’ new album, Nothing Like This, arrives Nov. 16.

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