Carrie Underwood Feels Protected by “Carrie Army”

Remember when Big D & Bubba talked to Carrie Underwood right after the Nashville flood and they called her “Carrie Underwater” ? She managed to politely get off the phone that morning, but they must’ve made nice since then because she called into their syndicated radio show on Monday morning (Sept. 20). They talked about CMA nominations and the absence of her name in the top category. The DJs were talking about how her fans are like the Carrie Army because they were so mad she wasn’t nominated for entertainer of the year. She agreed, saying, “They love their girl. They’re classy. They’re protective.” Then they asked her about whether or not she signed a prenup, talked about how hard it is to write a cursive F and asked Underwood to describe the first time she met her husband Mike Fisher. It was at a meet-and-greet in Toronto, of all places.

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