Randy Houser Makes an Album to Be Proud Of

Randy Houser’s brand new album, out today (Sept. 21), makes me proud to love country music. It’s called They Call Me Cadillac and the title track alone is reason enough to buy the Southern rockin’ album. (He performed it this morning on Good Morning America.) The album has lyrics about being “damn sure” and “carloads of cowgirls” and how them city lights ain’t his cup of tea. And Houser is at his twangiest on every single tune. Plus, one song, “A Man Like Me,” even feels like it could be a Garth Brooks song. So this 11-track collection has all the makings of a very mainstream country album. But there’s something more here. A little more honky-tonk piano, maybe? Some badass attitude? Traditional cred courtesy of the guest vocals from Lee Ann Womack? I don’t really know exactly what it is. But whatever it is, it makes me love this album from start to finish. Houser even sent a tweet yesterday (Sept. 20) to Reba McEntire that he was almost nervous for her to hear it, but said, “i made an album i wanted to make.”

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