American Idol‘s Judges Will Bring More Flamboyance, Less Drama

This is JUST what American Idol needs. A little less drama and a lot more flamboyance. And with the addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez at the judges’ table , I think that’s exactly what is in store for this season of Idol. Out with the old (although I loved the Simon-Ellen-Kara dynamic), and in with the new. Randy Jackson, who’s been a judge since day one, must be feeling ready for the change because at the press conference he said, “I’m calling Idol Season 10 ’the remix,’ baby!” And Tyler said, “I wanna bring some rock to this roller coaster.” It may be hard for some baby boomers who grew up on Tyler’s music to see past his bouts with drug and alcohol abuse, or his pretty, pretty scarves, but I think he’s just the kind of multi-faceted performer Idol contestants need to hear feedback from. He isn’t just a songwriter, just a singer, just a producer, just a musician, just a stage show. Tyler is all of those, which the winner really should emulate in order to have the same kind of long-term success he’s had. From “Same Old Song and Dance” to “Janie’s Got a Gun,” Steven Tyler has been a textbook American Idol. Musically, anyway.

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