Keith Urban’s Daughter, Sunday, Sings Her ABCs

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s little daughter, Sunday, may only be about two and a half. But I’m sure she can belt out a song. At a recent ACM Honors event in Nashville, Urban admitted that he brought Sunday into the studio with him and she recorded a couple of cover tunes. “She did ’ABC’ and she did ’Twinkle Twinkle,’ beginning to end. It was so cute to see the little headphones on her. It was cool,” Urban said. (If he’s not exaggerating and she really is verbal enough to know those songs all the way through, I hope he’s having her tested for some gifted programs.) Now that he’s married and reveling in the joys of fatherhood, he added he’s inspired by finding a deeper purpose. And from what he calls a “feeling of love that I’ve never had in my life before, and that has come from both my girls.” Aww. We’ll finally be able to hear how that inspiration sounds in song when his new album, Get Closer, comes out on Nov. 16.

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