Taylor Swift’s Track Listing Leaves Me Guessing

Taylor Swift has just revealed her officially official track listing for her upcoming album, Speak Now . Since we have to wait 33 more days until we actually hear the songs that haven’t been released, I think there’s only one thing left to do. Speculate. And try to guess what each song will be about from its title alone. I’ll start. “Sparks Fly” will be about meeting some random stranger and that undeniable chemistry between you two. As for “Dear John,” that’s a little more difficult. Because while it sounds like it could be a very straightforward break-up song, there has to be some kind of twist. Right? Maybe it’s a Dear-John text instead of the Dear-John letter. I hope “Mean” is about mean girls. There are not enough of those songs out right now. I’m stumped by “Better Than Revenge,” because really, is anything better? Like when you see an ex and you look terrific, you’re surrounded by awesome people and you’re genuinely happy? I’m dying to hear Swift’s take on that. Those are a few of my own gut instincts on the album. What are yours?