Should Country Fans Film Concerts?

I am all about sharing the love when it comes to live music. I want to relive the special moments over and over again and talk about them to everyone I know. But one thing I don’t do is record them. That’s not because I’m a live-music snob or anything. I would just rather see the full show through my eyes and not the 3″ x 2″ screen of my iPhone video recorder. This story from the Wall Street Journal analyzes that digital divide: “Music lovers who try to document and share the essence of concerts are squaring off against those who think that just defeats the purpose,” they say. Even artists are coming out on both sides of the fence. Some are cool with you recording their every move, while others prohibit any electronics at all. They say it’s disruptive to them and to other concertgoers, but honestly, it must just hurt their feelings if you are checking e-mails while they are playing. But I’d like to know what readers have to say. Do you watch shows with your eyes? Capture them on video? And what do you say to the person next to you who doesn’t agree with your memory-preservation technique?