Nothing Weak About McGraw and Paltrow’s “Country Strong”

Whenever a Hollywood type gets involved in the country music scene, I’m a little skeptical. And when the opposite happens, even more so. So I didn’t have high hopes for this upcoming Gwyneth Paltrow/Tim McGraw film, Country Strong, until I saw the trailer yesterday. McGraw is so convincing as a manager/husband. Paltrow is also perfect as the not-quite-rehabbed star and, man, can she sing. Way better than I ever imagined. And if it weren’t for the ever-present bottle of vodka in her hand, Paltrow would remind you a lot of Faith Hill. But the best part seems like it’s going to be how her attitude is so Nashville. Like when she finishes her rousing set for a sold-out crowd, she tells the little rookie singer played by Leighton Meester, “That’s how it’s done, sweetheart.”

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