Carrie Underwood Casts Her Mama for “Mama’s Song”

Carrie Underwood’s mom Carole is in her latest video for her current single “Mama’s Song.” The song itself is actually about letting go and growing up, a little bit like the theme of her “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.” And kind of like the Dixie Chicks“Wide Open Spaces.” All truly great ideas for songs because everyone goes through that stage in life, whether you’re the child who is doing the letting go or the mama who is trying so hard to hold on. But what these Underwood ladies and video director Shaun Silva have done to bring the song to life brings me to absolute tears. This is so much more than a song. This is the nightmare and/or dream come true of any mother, whether her daughter is a superstar or an ordinary woman. Underwood told of her husband Mike Fisher’s little part in the video (you see his lips, his hand, then his shadowy silhouette), “Just seeing [Mike] in my world was sweet.”

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