Toby Keith Won’t Twitter, but He Will Write Happy Songs

Toby Keith says he wrote about 40 or 50 songs in the last year, and they are getting more and more happy. You can decide for yourself by previewing his new album, Bullets in the Gun, on before it’s released Tuesday (Oct. 5). The title track isn’t what you’d call lighthearted, but I’ll admit “Trailerhood” does have a fun little beat and has kind of a redneck contentedness theme. And he told Billboard the special edition version of the CD includes four classic cover songs he performed live in New York. So it sounds like he’s been super busy putting this album together. Too busy to tweet, maybe? No. He doesn’t tweet because he says, “It just attracts all the troublemakers — all the people who are just looking for a headline — and I have no interest in that.”

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