Which Keith Urban Album Cover Do You Like the Most?

Keith Urban is still hemming and hawing over his album cover. Should it be the close-up of his scruffy face with some girl’s arms draped around him? Or the brooding artist in jeans sitting on the floor next to a bed? So far, the majority says it should be the latter. Almost 7,000 people like it and more than 1,000 had comments about it. (The other option is still quite likable with nearly 3,000 votes.) But if you haven’t put in your Like yet, you can do it on Facebook before he makes the decision . And if you aren’t a Facebook fan of his yet, join the other 988,906 (at last count) who are. He says, “I’m in the process of choosing the cover for my new album, Get Closer, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m going to post both options to my Wall, so leave a comment or ’like’ your favorite pic. I can’t wait for you guys to hear the new music when the CD comes out .” So go ahead and vote. Then on Nov. 16, you’ll be able to see if he really listened.

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