Gwyneth Paltrow Says Country Music Brings People Together

The music in Gwyneth Paltrow’s new movie with Tim McGraw, Country Strong, is, well, country strong. The title track is very powerful, and Paltrow thinks another tune on the soundtrack is pretty special, too. She’s totally biased, though, because her husband Chris Martin, frontman for the band Coldplay, wrote it. It’s called “Me and Tennessee.” She sings it as a duet with McGraw and she says , “It’s about a couple who are maybe irreparably damaged. But then the chorus is, ’Then that old song comes on, together we’re singing, forever we’re singing, that old country song.’ So it’s about country music bringing people back together when they’re having a difficult time in life.” I feel like that’s the benchmark for any country song — that it can bring people together, solve problems, repair damages, make you think and do all sorts of good things. That’s just the power of country.

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