Hate Breast Cancer? Love Jason Aldean? Come to Evansville

Friday (Oct. 1) marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month. A month where I’m proud to say my bank account takes a steep nose dive. All you need is one friend to be diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age — or at any age, for that matter — and you jump enthusiastically into every wine-and-cheese fundraiser, charity purse party, Bunco tournament and 60-mile walk you can. But now you can combine your love of country music with your hatred of breast cancer, thanks to Jason Aldean. He is going to donate all the proceeds from his Oct. 15 show in Evansville, Ind. , to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. He had a really good friend die of breast cancer when she was 29. “The day she passed away, my family decided that we would always do something to carry on her memory and to help in the fight,” said Aldean. This is his fifth annual Concert for the Cure. If you can’t make it to Evansville, you can donate on Aldean’s site.

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