This Is Your Life, Carrie Underwood

Most Carrie Underwood fans probably think they already know her life story. But there’s a lot more to her than just her post-American Idol life. And in a brand new book, Carrie Underwood: A Biography , fans will get a glimpse into what the star’s life was like before the fame and fortune kicked in. The author, veteran writer Vernell Hackett, went so far as to look up old stories at the Tulsa World offices in Oklahoma. “I looked for any stories they had starting a couple years before she went on American Idol, because I knew she was playing around there,” Hackett told USA Today. She also bought a collection of newspaper clippings about Underwood from someone on eBay. And she spent time digging through the archives of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Just about the only thing she didn’t do was interview Underwood for the book.

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