Tim McGraw’s Bully Speech Reminds Me of His 1997 Song

Does anyone else see the beauty in the fact that Tim McGraw used his star power to talk to a local Nashville middle school about bullying ? He’s really been teaching that same lesson for 13 years, since his “One of These Days” single came out in 1997. That song, about how he used to chase a red-headed kid home from school and call him names because he wasn’t cool and then one day he ran away from home, was the ultimate anti-bullying message. The chorus goes, “One of these days you’re gonna love me/You’ll sit down by yourself and think/About the times you pushed and shoved me/And what good friends we might have been.” I can’t stop wondering how powerful it would’ve been had he performed that when he visited the Grassland Middle School. McGraw told the students there that they should speak up if they see bullying behavior and walk away from bad situations. One of these days, I just hope all the bullying goes away forever.

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