Trisha Yearwood to Say Thanks to Soldiers Tonight

Trisha Yearwood, God love her, is in Washington, D.C., tonight (Oct. 7) for a USO Gala to honor the military and their families . She’s been active in these USO efforts since she did her first show 19 years ago for troops returning from Iraq. I asked her why she gave so much of her time, and she told me, “For me, there are never enough opportunities to say thank you to our military for the sacrifices they make and for their service to our country. There are so many people I know who have fathers, sisters, children in the military at the moment, some serving overseas, some here in the U.S. We’re all touched by the dangers our friends and family face every day.” While she’s in the D.C. area, Yearwood told me she plans on visiting the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and/or the National Naval Medical Center to personally thank soldiers who have been injured while protecting our freedom. And while she told me she’s been able to go to all her husband Garth Brooks’ shows in Las Vegas, he will not be able to join her at this gala in the nation’s capital. “While I’m in D.C., he will actually be building a Habitat for Humanity house with former President Jimmy Carter. He is sorry he can’t be with me, and I’m sorry I can’t be with him! They are both such worthy events,” she said, adding, “my husband and I share a strong respect for our troops. ”

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