Miranda Lambert Is Hunting, Martina McBride Is Writing

Anyone who thinks all girl singers are just cookie-cutter cutouts of each other should spend a little time on Twitter today. I checked the most recent tweets of five country stars, and they are all up to drastically different things. Like while LeAnn Rimes was loving making breakfast (spinach chicken sausage, eggs and grapefruit juice) and packing kid bags for an outing, Martina McBride was tweeting that she’d just written a cool song with Deana Carter and Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon. Then Sara Evans was hopping on a trolley for her daughter Audrey’s birthday party at the zoo. And one of Taylor Swift’s most recent tweets was, “Took a walk by a quiet lake with my dad. Quiet except for the incredibly loud sound of him slurping the last of his frappuccino. Good times.” And while all those sweethearts of country were doing their thing, Miranda Lambert was doing hers — hunting with Blake Shelton . “In the stand for the first time this year with my financy. He got me a great spot ready. Yes. Only home for 24 hours. Spending it wisely.”

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