Keith Urban’s Old Guitars Lead to New Focus

Remember when the Nashville flood wreaked its havoc on the Soundcheck facility where so many artists kept their touring equipment? Well, one of those guitars been brought back to life . It was a 1977 Les Paul Standard belonging to Keith Urban’s guitarist. Gibson tells the story of its resurrection from the initial dehumidification to the antique tinting. In other Urban guitar news, the Aussie has said that since he lost so many guitars to flood damage, he had to use new ones on his Get Closer album, due next month. “It was a real blessing in the end, because it got me out of my comfort zone, and I was really focused on making music, and not what we were making it with,” he said. Perhaps the music he made with those new guitars is even more open and honest than his older stuff. He has said, “On Defying Gravity I started touching upon the theme of the courage to love. It’s all well and good to say, ’I can’t find anybody to love, I wish I could find someone to love.’ But do I have the courage to love? Am I willing to open my heart and give the sword to my partner and go, ’All right, I trust you, absolutely and completely?'” Meanwhile, I absolutely and completely trust this will be his best album yet.