Kenny Chesney’s New Single Feels “Different and Sexy”

Kenny Chesney told the touring magazine Pollstar a lot of nice things about his new single, “Somewhere With You.” But one analogy stood out to me because I absolutely get what he means. “It’s so melodic; it’s like a lava lamp. It’s so different but I still felt that it was really me. I felt melodically it was completely different and sexy,” he said. And it is. Very, very sexy. He sings that other girls are just a temporary high and that “in my heart I’m always somewhere with you.” He explains that the song’s about that one person in your life who isn’t with you, yet isn’t really gone either. And it’s about that whole letting-go-but-hanging-on idea. But here’s the part that really piqued my curiosity. He says, “When I heard that song, it made me think of my person that’s left but is still in there.” Who could he be talking about?