Lady Antebellum Relives Worst Gig Ever

As country fans, we’ve all been there — an in-store gig or remote radio station appearance to see a new artist before they’re a big-name somebody. These shows are almost always awkward and sparsely attended. Lady Antebellum remembers one near Milwaukee, Wis., at a gas station of all places. Charles Kelley says it was the band’s worst gig ever. “It was at the butt-crack of dawn to kick off hunting season. Everybody was sitting there eating. They didn’t know who the hell we were. It was funny as (expletive),” he said. The band played right by the cash register but the customers weren’t too impressed. “One guy gave Dave [Haywood] a dirty look while he strummed along to “Love Don’t Live Here,” recalls Tony Hess from the WMIL morning team. Yet on Thursday (Oct. 21) at noon, Lady A’s giving it another try with a free show at the same gas station in Richfield, Wis., presumably with a more excited crowd. The group will do a few songs, take questions and hopefully remove the tarnish from their otherwise sparkly reputation.