Kellie Pickler Laps Up Clint Eastwood’s Attention

To be starstruck usually means you are so awed by meeting a star you admire, that you are rendered frozen and usually speechless. But not Kellie Pickler. When she met the man of her dreams (her Twitter words , not mine) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (Oct. 21), Pickler wasn’t the slightest bit shy. She sat right down in his lap. That man, Clint Eastwood, didn’t seem to mind. Before he came out to surprise Pickler, she’d been saying to DeGeneres, “I very much adore him. I’ve seen all his films and I love all his work, even movies he’s not in, even if he directs. Everything he touches, I love. Every time I’m here, I go over to his office and I try to get in.” She even blamed DeGeneres for being a tease about getting her and Eastwood together. “You keep tellin’ me this,” Pickler said, “and nothing ever happens.” When he did finally step out and Pickler’s screams died down, she hugged him, sat on his lap and even put his hand to her chest so he could feel how fast her heartbeat was.